Issue 11: Summer 2023

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The 11th issue of Senet magazine. Featuring:

• An epic journey through the stunning board-game artwork of Adrian Smith (Blood Rage, Rising Sun, Cthulhu: Death May Die).
• An exclusive interview with independent designer and publisher Bez Shahriari (Yogi, the ELL Deck) about her unique approach to board games.
• An examination of the theme of politics in board gaming, with insights from designers including Jason Matthews (Twilight Struggle), Tory Brown (Votes For Women) and Zain Memon (SHASN).
• A fascinating piece on how the ancient seeding game mancala has become a mechanism in modern titles, from Trajan to Five Tribes to Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done.
• Previews of new titles, including Andromeda’s Edge, Empire’s End and Scythe sequel Expeditions.
• Reviews of the latest releases, including Frosthaven, Castle Panic Big Box, Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar and Endurance.
• Writer James Lewis on why it doesn’t matter if you’re bad at board games.
• Shelf of Shame with Danielle Standring.
• An all-new puzzle by designer Ira Fay.

    The magazine comprises 64 full-colour, 164mm x 240mm pages, printed on 110gsm uncoated paper, with a 250gsm uncoated cover.