Good news! Due to popular demand, we have reprinted and restocked Issues 1 and 2, which were previously sold out. Buy your copy here.

Frequently asked questions

I haven’t received a shipping notification. How can I find out if my issue is on the way?
Currently we do not send shipping notifications though this is something we’re considering for the future. Typically, non-subscription orders (single issues or multiple issues) received by 3pm UK time ship that same day. Any received later than that ship the following day.“Previous Issue” and “Current Issue” subscription orders usually ship within three days. If you have pre-ordered the next issue, or taken out a “Next Issue” subscription, your issue will ship on the day of publication.

What are your current expected UK delivery dates?
Please allow seven working days for delivery within the UK, though it is likely your copy of Senet will arrive sooner than that!

What are your current expected international delivery dates?
In response to the massive delays inflicted on international post by Covid-19, we recently upgraded to Royal Mail priority airmail, which our fulfilment centre assures us should take 2–3 weeks to reach most destinations under the current conditions. However, if you are in the EU or the rest of the world and you placed your order before December 1st 2020, it was sent by Royal Mail standard airmail, which is currently taking as long as 8–10 weeks to reach some destinations (including the United States and Canada), on account of being diverted to boats.
Please also bear in mind that delays may be inflicted at the local or national level as the result of Covid-19. We hope you understand these are beyond our control.

How do I update my delivery address for my subscription?
Please login here and follow the instructions below the heading ‘Account Details’.

What are your postage rates?
Our postage rates are listed here.

When is each issue published?
As an independent publication we do not have hard ‘shelf’ dates. We work to the following schedule:
Spring Issue: late January
Summer Issue: late May
Winter Issue: late September

I really wanted a copy of an issue but I see it’s sold out. Are you going to restock?
Sorry, Issue 1 and Issue 2 are sold out. However, we are guaging interest in reprinting these. If we do, we’ll announce this by newsletter (please sign up at the bottom of this page).

I ordered a subscription, but I do not want it to auto-renew. I either want to manually renew whenever I choose, or just receive three issues.
No problem. To cancel your subscription, please click here.
Doing so will not affect the order you have already placed, so you will still receive those three issues. It will simply cancel the subscription so it does not auto-renew.

Do you offer the option to gift a subscription to somebody?
We do not have a specific ‘Gift Subscription’ product, but you are able to create a subscription and set the recipient as the shipping address.
We send no invoices with our packages, so they will not have the price revealed to them. If you do not want the subscription to auto-renew, then you can cancel it after it has been ordered by clicking here. Doing so will not affect the order you have already placed.

Do you have a digital version of the magazine?
We are currently purely committed to Senet as a physical, high-quality print experience — just as we enjoy and celebrate board games as physical experiences! As this is core to the philosophy of the magazine, we currently have no plans to create a digital version.

I’m interested in advertising in Senet magazine. How do I go about that?
Please get in touch with us at

What kind of personal information do you collect from readers and how do you use it?
Please click here to read our privacy policy.

How can I get a refund?
Please click here to read our refund policy.

I want to know something that’s not on this FAQ!
Not a problem. Please email us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.